The European Ice Hockey Federation is a group of teams that play in Europe. The goal of this organization is to develop the sport of ice hockey in the many countries that form the European Union and around the world. By providing teams and places the play, ice hockey will gain prominence in all of the countries in Europe and be played by more and more people. There are a lot of different teams that people can play for and plenty of opportunities. Some of the rules can be different in the areas where hockey is played, depending on the league even though the game is relatively standard around the world. There are many people involved with ice hockey this article will discuss some of the people and statistics involved in European ice hockey.

Many countries in Europe have rinks for people to play ice hockey. Many of the countries are in the northern areas such as Germany, Poland, and others. The Nordic countries of Finland and Sweden are also very popular hockey location. There a lot more indoor rinks than outdoor rinks because it is easier for them to maintain the temperature all year around so that people can play throughout the year. These rinks can only be used in the winter when it is cold enough to keep water frozen. Many of the these rinks are located close to schools and places where people play. The farther north you go, the more outdoor rinks you will find. Some people even play hockey on frozen lakes or other natural structures. This is how ice hockey started many years ago!

One of the largest function of the federation is to create a European Ice hockey League. These groups provide the organization required for the teams to play against each other. The European hockey leagues are made up of regional players from different teams that enjoy the sport of ice hockey. These European hockey leagues are very popular.

The are more male players than female players, but the sport is growing more even in its gender distribution. Since hockey is considered to be a rougher sport, there are slightly different rules for the women’s game versus the mens game. There is no checking allowed in women’s hockey but checking is fine in mens hockey. This increases the physicality of the game quite a bit and the players need to be prepared for it. Many European ice hockey teams recruit players from all over to play for them. The leagues are created to support players, coaches, and referees in the game. Many teams are always looking for people to support them and help grow the game. So attend a European ice hockey federation event in your area and be a part of a great sport, ice hockey.